Our Product

Our Chef’s skills and craftsmanship that are handed down through generations, recreates that magic of age-old cooking techniques every day to bring you 6 hrs marinated and 3 hrs firewood cooked tender pieces that makes you “Kathey ki cheekh maarna”.

Our Service

Be it a special occasion or just any other day we have the only Authentic WALIMA KI DAWAT Dastarkhwan ready for you!

About Us

Walima, an Arabic origin word for the marriage banquet, performed after the nikah, is often used to describe a celebration of marriage to show domestic happiness in the household post-marriage. An ode to the time-tested process, all our biryanis are slowly cooked and with the best organic long-kept secret ingredients. We are obsessed with hygiene. We practice sourcing everything fresh from premium local vendors and government-approved slaughterhouses, with the halal cut. Every day each ingredient is freshly prepared with No compromise on quality that enriches our authenticity to serve you with the most aromatic and delicate flavors on your plate. We invite you to experience that royal “Kathey ki cheekh maarna” emotion.

About Our Founder

Harshavardhan believes in sharing and caring. The communal experience of bonding over sharing food together is essential and has been ingrained in him from a young age. With his zeal to reach out to every food lover in Hyderabad and those sleeping hungry, will now have a reason to celebrate which he named: WALIMA KI DAWAT. Furthermore, with his appearance on many high-profile events and also on the MTV Dropout Pvt Ltd, where he unleashed the thriving entrepreneurial spirit with praiseworthy accomplishments. He is recognized within the Entrepreneur community as the unstoppable High-On Energy strategy slayer. So, why wait? Let’s order now and support him in achieving his vision through his glorious mission!